Comprehensive audio conversion tool to transform your WAV audio files into MP3
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Audio compression from WAV files to MP3 helps make the most of the limited space available in our portable devices, or simply to be able to store and back up hundreds and thousands of audio tracks on various media; and this compression is as old as the concept of audio compression itself. Despite being one of the many lossy formats available, the high quality and the small file size that MP3 offers have made it the most popular of them all. That is why, after all these years, new WAV to MP3 converters are still being developed and offered to the public, and EZ WAV to MP3 is a good example of this.

Using probably the best MP3 encoder available - Lame, a free, open-source MP3 solution - this utility offers you high-quality, customizable audio conversions. To find out which encoder was being used, though, I had to look for evidence in the depths of the program's folders - when you are using the best encoder out there, why not tell everyone about it?

Among the MP3 settings available, you will find simple and advanced settings. The simple settings are based on the old Constant Bit Rates we all know and love (128, 192, 320, etc.), while the advanced settings allow you to enter the world of Variable and Average bit rates. These produce smaller MP3 files without compromising their quality, and they are probably the compression settings more widely used today among music lovers, V0 being the option that offers the highest quality. Though you will also find settings for the other audio codecs supported - namely, WAV, ACM , and WMA - these do not offer the same level of flexibility.

You not only can create MP3 files with this program, but you can also label and catalog them using ID3 tags. These can also be customized, and some of them can be completed automatically by the program using the information present in the file name of the source file (when possible). Thus, EZ WAV to MP3 can give you high-quality, low-compression, documented MP3 files in a simple and intuitive way.

Finally, it is important to note that this program comes with a number of other utilities that not all WAV to MP3 converters can offer you - I am talking about an audio analyzer (complete with a waveform graph), an MP3 CD maker, and an audio joiner. These are the things that make this tool stand out from the rest.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports also conversion from and into WMA and ACM
  • Attractive and intuitive interface
  • Good ID3 tag support
  • Comes with a waveform audio analyzer


  • The MP3 codec used should be clearly stated
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